What to avoid when decorating your living room

Every house, no matter how big or small, needs a living room. After all, where else can you and your visitors be entertained? And, since this is how other people will see most of your home, this is also where most of your decorative homewares will be displayed.

To decorate your living room, the occasional chairs, tables, display cabinets, paintings, and other forms of art are featured for display. However, there can be times when you get the decorating wrong. What mistakes usually happen, and how can you rectify them?

Disorganised layout and furniture

Nobody can keep a house without a descent sofa. You either have it already or are planning to use one to replace the chairs you have in the meantime.

What you might not know now is that you might be having the wrong sofa the whole time. Being fixated on how it looks like you might end you up having couches that take up too much space. Or, they’d be too small for comfort.

Sometimes, people get too attached and refuse to replace their existing furniture despite being the wrong size. That would be the wrong decision. If something doesn’t fit, it won’t serve its purpose and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Another related issue is how your furniture items are arranged with each other. Heaving mismatched sizes can affect how big the room feels. With large sofas and tables, the living room feels cramped. Too small, and the area feels a bit empty.

Also, objects shouldn’t be placed around haphazardly. There should be a centerpiece–an area where all attention gets drawn into. All decorative homewares should be arranged not to compete with each other, but to highlight where the central focus should be.

Too much clutter

To put your best foot forward, sometimes you’d find yourself cramming the floorspace and walls with as many decorative homewares as you have. This is a big mistake, as the living room is meant to accommodate your guests. It’s not a showroom to display every piece of your art collection.

Too much decorative items make the room feel cluttered. The focus should be on your guests and making them feel comfortable. You can make the living area simple but elegant without an overabundance of decor.

Sometimes, art pieces on the wall are hung the wrong way. The usual trick is to keep them at eye level, without accounting for the height of the room. A better rule of thumb would be to keep the art frames around two-thirds of the distance from the floor to the ceiling. This way, your visitors won’t be straining their necks looking too high up nor stooping lower when viewing your pictures or art displays.

There are many ways you can decorate your common area. Every space differs in size and intended styles. Not every rule wail always apply, and not everything can fit into the layout. However, the most important thing to keep in mind? Never forget the intended purpose of your living room–it has to provide a feeling of warm welcome and comfort.

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