Things you should know before installing Ziptrak blinds

If you are looking for innovative ways to upgrade your property, you can install Ziptrak blinds for your outdoor space. With these blinds, you can transform your space into a more private area where you can spend time to entertain guests or enjoy your afternoon nap.

Installing blinds can indeed be challenging if you don’t have any idea about the product. Remember, there are a lot of blinds sold on the market, so you have to make sure that you choose the right one for your property. The following can help you have a better understanding about this type of outdoor roller blinds:

Hassle-free operation – You don’t have to rely on cords, cranks or zippers if you install Ziptrak blinds. You can conveniently maneuver your blinds because it doesn’t have complicated operating systems. It’s also more durable compared to other types of blinds because it does not use hardware which require constant maintenance.

Easy to use – Aside from having no complicated cranks or cords, the benefit of getting this kind of outdoor blinds is that anyone can use it. Within seconds, these blinds can be opened or closed or maintained in a desired height.

Customisable – If you have a modern or minimalist house design, this type of blinds is perfect for you. It provides a sleek and modern look for your property. You can also have your contractor customize the fabric or the color to match your existing house design. You can even check out bistro blinds to get modern design inspirations for your home.

Aside from these features, you should also learn some basic things about the different options for this type of blinds. Here are some common varieties for these blinds:

Fabric options – You can choose between PVC or sunscreen mesh fabric options. PVC is offered in tinted or clear fabric. It’s a durable option since it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Sunscreen mesh is a great pick if you want to enjoy the view outside while keeping your privacy. It’s sold with a wide-range of color options.

Size – Contractors can assist you when it comes to choosing the right size of blinds for your property. Whether you have a limited area or a spacious outdoor space, you have to make sure that the blinds cover the entire space.

Motor options – If you have a large space, you might have difficulty reaching the blinds when it’s rolled up. If you need to install huge-sized blinds, make sure that you get the right motorisation as well. This will help you easily control the position of your blinds at any time of the day.

Installing Ziptrak blinds can help cover and protect your outdoor area for years. It’s one of the best upgrades you can give to transform your outdoor area. If you want to get high-quality blinds, you can reach out to Crystal Image Blinds for assistance. They offer various types of blinds for your outdoor space. They have high-grade PVC and woven mesh types which can help protect your space from different weather conditions. For more information at