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5 Amazing reasons why you need to consider slate roofing for your home

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When looking for a roofing material to replace your old one, you need to think about its durability and longevity. It also needs to be stylish enough to complement the overall exterior design of your home. Slate is a strong and unique roofing material. However, it is often overlooked because not many people are familiar with it. In fact, use of this material has been on the decline for almost a hundred years, as concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, and other roofing materials are mass-produced and installed at a much lower cost. Click here https://trinityroofing.com.au/


But slate roofing is now making a comeback, as more and more people are coming to recognise its many benefits. If you still have questions about this roofing material, the roofing experts at https://trinityroofing.com.au/ can help answer all your questions.

Here are some more benefits of using slate roofing for your home.

Wide range of colour and style options

Slate roofing tiles are made from a type of metamorphic rock, which makes it a natural stone product. This is also what gives its uniquely attractive appearance. This roofing material comes in a wide range of styles and colours to match any exterior colour palette and architectural style. Black, gray, and blue-gray are just some of the most common colours, but the tiles are also available in shades of green, purple, and red.

Slate roofing tiles are also available in different thickness and sizes. So you may opt to choose a more unconventional tile shape such as half-moon, hexagonal, and bullnose to add more appeal to your home.

Extremely durable

Most roofing materials have a life span of a few decades. But slate can last for up to a hundred years or more under the right conditions. In fact, it may even remain structurally sound for more than 150 years with proper installation by the roofing experts at https://trinityroofing.com.au/.

Low maintenance

Slate roof tiles require very little care once installed. You only need to have it inspected by a professional every year or two. Additionally, a professional roofer can easily repair or replace the tiles if any of them gets broken or damaged. Just make sure to save the extra tiles from the installation, so you won’t have to worry about any colour mismatch after repair.

Fire resistant

Slate is considered to be one of the most fire-resistant roofing materials in existence. Unlike other roofing materials like asphalt shingles and wood, slate tiles are completely fireproof. This is a big plus when it comes to preventing your home from catching fire from wildfires, adjacent house fires, or even airborne sparks from fireworks.


Since the majority of roofing materials only last for 20 to 30 years, you can imagine how much roofing waste goes to landfills. Slate roof tiles, on the other hand, can last for over 100 years, so there will be less negative environmental impacts when you install slate for your roof.

Slate roof tile is a unique and durable roofing material. With proper installation, it may even last for over 150 years. So, it’s important to choose your roofer contractor wisely. The roofing experts at Trinity Slate Roofing can help ensure that you can maximise the life of your slate roof. You can check their website at https://trinityroofing.com.au/ for more details.

4 reasons why bifold gates are great choices

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Gates are one of the prominent features of homes across Australia. They provide security, protection, as well as privacy for homeowners everywhere. However, not all gates are created equal. Depending on your space constraints, some setup might not be suited for you. However, that does not mean you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Bifold gates are a versatile and flexible gating solution that can fit almost any situation. They are compact and simple to install too, which makes them a very popular choice indeed. Here are a few benefits that you get when you install these gates.

bifold gates


Due to their compact designs, bifold gates require relatively little space than your typical single or double swing gate. They are perfect for spaces that require large openings, but have limited area for the gate to swing to. This is possible because of how these gates are designed.

Bifold gates, as their name suggests, use a mechanism that lets both leaves to “fold” on into itself. Unlike single or double swing gates, they take up little swing space by up to half of that of traditional gates. This is perfect for apartments and other urban homes where space is an issue.

Easy to maintain

With later models, bi-fold gates are also becoming as sturdy as traditional gates. Later models now come without tracks that may get clogged with leaves or other debris. No need to disturb garden and driveway soil when installing.

Speaking of installation, these gate solutions are easy to install too. Because they run on a simple mechanism, all you need are a few tools and a little bit of muscle. Of course, there are also bifold gates Melbourne suppliers that can do the installation for you.


Because of their ingenious design, bifolding gates have become one of the most versatile gating solutions on the market today. Their minimal footprint, as well as simple operation, is the key to their popularity. Their small size makes them ideal for situations where traditional options are impractical.

This is especially evident in driveways with inclined or sloped driveways. When opened, each leaf does not exert much stress on the hinges. Bifold gates won’t bottom out, unlike single or double swing gates would. They are perfect for curved driveways too, as they won’t block your car’s path when opened.

Easy to automate

Automated gates have been steadily growing in popularity these days. They make gate operation easier and hassle-free. Now, you can open and close your gate without getting out of your car. Fortunately, bifold gates are easy to automate.

There are tons of aftermarket automation kits to convert your existing setup. Likewise, there are also many bifolding gates Melbourne suppliers that sell electric gate kits. These kits already come with the electric motor ready to be installed. Talk to your local supplier and get their help on what gate kit would fit perfectly for your needs.

Get quality bifolding gates from the experts!

The Motorised Gate Company is a Melbourne-based company that offers high-quality gate kits and gating solutions. They offer secure and aesthetically pleasing gate kits in the Melbourne area. Visit themotorisedgatecompany.com.au to learn more about their amazing offers.

Your small bathroom can have a big impact, thanks to these ideas!

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As the cost of real estate increases, the size of homes and apartment units have relatively decreased. This is to compensate for the skyrocketing prices of houses, condominiums and apartment complexes. This means smaller units equally come with even smaller bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. This limitation in size has become a challenge for homeowners when it comes to renovating their spaces to suit their lifestyle. However, contrary to popular belief, bathroom renovations should not be too difficult. With the right ideas and with the help of experts in bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs has today, you can transform your small bathroom into a luxurious little haven. How to redesign a small bathroom Remodelling a small bathroom depends on the type of bathroom you want to remodel. Is it a master’s bath, powder room, guest bathroom or elderly bathroom? Knowing the purpose of your bathroom will help you plan carefully on intricate details you want to add. Talk to bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs professionals to help you design your small bathroom for your intended purpose. For instance, if you are planning to remodel a bathroom so your seniors can use it with ease, then think about adding special augmented features. This includes grab bars, lower counters and non-slip floors. Take time in picking pieces that will fit your small bathroom. You don’t want the bathroom to look cramped with big, chunky pieces. Floating shelves and floating vanity and a corner sink will make the room look bigger. Click here MW Homes If it’s for you and your family, you may have to consider adding features that suit your needs, especially if you will be using it with kids. This is where you will be applying your makeup and where your kids will be brushing their teeth. It is best to splurge on storage cabinets and a bathtub that you and the kids can use. Waterproof and slip-resistant floors will also work wonders if you use the bathroom with your kids. What colour will make a small bathroom stand out When it comes to small bathrooms, you want to carefully choose a colour that will make the bathroom look large and airy. The trick is the choose paint colours that are more reflective and highlight the effect of natural light. If your bathroom has no windows, pick shades of icy blue, soft green, cream, pearl grey, white, yellow, aqua and pink. But make sure to keep the colours within the same tone. These hues make the bathroom look larger. Another trick when doing bathroom renovations Eastern Suburbs experts offer is painting the ceiling and walls in the same colour. This helps the eye travel effortlessly from floor to ceiling, giving it an appearance of a much larger space. Painting vertical stripes gives you an illusion of bigger and taller space. Just be sure to stick to the same tone as the rest of the bathroom and don’t forget to make one shade lighter than the other, without giving it too much contrast. How to make a small bathroom look luxurious Just because it’s a small bathroom doesn’t mean it has to look drab. With the right tricks and luxurious bathroom renovation ideas, your tiny bathroom will look luxurious and will become your new favourite place in your home. Making your bathroom look luxurious doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive pieces. As simple as changing your light fittings can do wonders to your bathroom and instantly spruce up its overall look. Go for pendant lights or pretty sconces on either side of the mirror. You can even replace your vanity mirror and new hardware to make it seamless. Think outside the box Remodelling your bathroom need not be an expensive endeavour. You can make the bathroom look elegant without making a big dent in your budget. Simply incorporating the outdoors in your design element is enough to make your small bathroom stand out. Most importantly, tap the services of experts in bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs has today for a professional finish. Never rely on your own skills when doing any home renovation. Trusting experts to help you complete any renovation project will surely pay off in the long run. MW Homes Renovation Experts is one company you can trust when it comes to stress-free home renovation projects. You may visit them at mwhomes.com.au for more details.