Dressing Up: The Essentials of a Lady’s Wardrobe

Dressing up is more than just function or chore for women. Ladies usually have a way of adding a touch of drama and emotions even to the most basic of things as daily wear. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t normally dress up, showing off your fashionable side could be challenging. Good thing there’s already a wealth options nowadays, such as those available at https://baselayers.com.au/, to help not-so-fashionable ladies look polished and chic. The first step toward a new and fashionable you is to furnish your wardrobe with the right pieces. Specifically, you can start with the following:

  1. Dresses

Dresses are a lady’s best friend when it comes to parties and nights out with friends. Be sure to have the basic LBD. Or you could also have summer dresses. A saree or salwar kameez would be a perfect ethnic wear option for the office. A kurti could also be a good daily wear if you don’t feel like wearing a shirt or halter top.

  1. Inner Wear

Yes, this includes the two piece undies. But that aside, it’s also good to buy thermal wear from https://baselayers.com.au/. Especially if you’re in a country with a winter season, thermal wear comes in handy. A thermal wear is what you need on those cold, rainy nights when you want to go outside for a quick hangout with friends.

  1. Bottom Wear

Variety is the key to fashion. So aside from wearing dresses, it’s also good to have two piece formal outfits. A knee-length skirt could go perfectly with any t-shirt or blouse. A black pants is a perfect formal alternative to dresses. And a pair of jeans is an awesome daily wear. Be sure to choose a dark coloured bottom wear to ensure it’s suitable with almost any colour or type of upper wear.

  1. Tops

One of the tricks to choose flattering tops is to consider your face shape. If you have an angular face, it would be good to choose a top with a scoop, deep sabrina, or sweetheart neckline. Or if your face shape is rounded, choose a V-neck, Queen Anne, or Empire neckline. Those with long face might like to buy tops with a boat neck, cowl neck, or portrait neckline. When it comes to designs, be sure to have at least one solid-coloured and patterned shirt. A buttoned-up shirt, blouse, and silk cami are also perfect ones to have. A black blazer for formal occasions and denim jacket for daily wear are also good.

  1. Footwear and Accessories

Lastly, wrap up your gorgeous looks with the right choice of accessories and footwear. You could have ballet flats for casual wear, strappy sandals for formal gatherings, and women’s pumps for daily wear. A classic leather belt, timepieces, totes, and a weekender bag are also nice ones to have.

With these staples in your wardrobe, you won’t have any problems on what to wear, whatever the occasion might be. You can pull off a fashionable lady-like outfit when you need to. But you’ll also have something casual to wear whenever you want. Just be sure to buy quality and comfortable pieces, such as the ones available at https://baselayers.com.au/, to ensure long-term usability.