At this time Strosgirl’s Designs only accepts, credit cards, bank cards, and e-check payments through PayPal. Please remember e-checks take 2 – 3 days to be processed. Your order will not be processed until payment has been received. By paying for your makeover you are agreeing to the Terms Of Design.


Due to the nature of design there will be no refunds given.


In order to have an organized and great blog design experience you as the client need to provide all required information in a timely manner. I will need you to respond back to my emails in a timely manner. I understand that we all live in different time zones and even in different parts of the world but for me to be able to complete your blog in a timely manner communication will be the most important.


Blog designs are allowed 3 major revisions. A major revision includes a new layout and/or graphics. Minor revisions will be accepted throughout the process, however, within reason. Any changes made after installation will be charged at $50/hour with a minimum charge of one hour.


The graphics and content of Strosgirl’s Design are copyrighted. No graphic, layout, design, format, and/or premade template is to be sold or changed for any purpose. Any purchased blog design or free template is only for ONE specified URL. You may NOT take pieces of the whole design and use it on another website. You may not hire another designer to make a coordinating graphic for a graphic or blog design from Strosgirl’s Designs.


Strosgirl’s Designs ensures at the time of installation all designs will be compatiable with Internet Explorer 7 & 8, and the most current verisons of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Strosgirl’s Designs cannot guarntee the design will be compatible with AOL or Internet Explorer 6 and below.


Strosgirl’s Designs reserves the right to display a link and image for your blog in the design portfolio.


All blogs designed by Strosgirl’s Designs are required to have a link back. They are not to be removed or altered. You also agree to display our banner on the sidebar or footer with a linkback to Strosgirl’s Designs.


By purchasing a design package with Strosgirl’s Designs, you, the client, give Strosgirl’s Designs permission to access to web hosting and domain accounts, blogger accounts, of installing or maintaining product.


Strosgirl’s Designs cannot be held responsible if at times the favicon does not display properly. Hosting servers, may experience issues which affect the appearance of the favicon in the browser address bar and bookmarks. Strosgirl’s Designs will do everything possible to ensure proper function of the favicon. Favicons only display correctly in Mozilla Firefox & IE 7 & 8.


  1. I found your site through your ad on Trendy Treehouse. I am wanting a new wp blog design on the website listed, but at this time do not have the funds. Would you be interested in exchanging a blog design for advertising? You would get maximum exposure from now until September due to my participating in BlogMania. If you would like more details about BlogMania, please let me know. Thanks again, Jessica

  2. Hi,

    My name is Maria Carolina and I am a party designer in Brazil. I used to live in the US, so my party style is pretty close to what we find there. My brother put up the website I have right now (www.lollis.com.br), it is mainly a photo slide. But I had to ask him everytime I wanted to put a new pic in 🙁
    I had no money to made a full custom website and programing, and wanted the freedom and easy (as I don’t know how to code) a blog would give, so I went ahead and purchased the bee crafty theme and genesis framwork from studiopress. (it is up at http://lollis.com.br) The problem is now I don’t know how to design it!
    I would love if you could price how much it would be to:
    – change the background,
    – make my own logo look better than it is right now (I don’t wanna redesign the logo, I like it, I just thibnk it is not looking good on the site)
    – change some colors (navigation bar fonts, navigation bar “ribbon”color, navigation fonts on roll over, fonts on the side bar),
    – custom made post signature
    – custom buttons for twitter, facebook, email, RSS and a Twitter

    What do you think?

    Also I’m in a huuuuge hurry, how long do you think it would take?

    Thanks so much and have a Blessed day!

  3. I added the advertising button to my site. Wish it were pink. I have a few questions. On my Blogger site how can I host a FREE download? I’m using a FREE site now bit it takes too long. And how do I add a link drop down box?

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