Rant, sort of, plus a PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Hello all,
I want to let you all know that in about 2 weeks I will be back to 100%. My computer decided to crash and burn on me and I have one on order and it is suppose to be here on 5/31 (this can not come soon enough!).

So for my PSA!

This has been irking me for quite some time and to be honest some people are blinded by the light of some designers out there. Let me say say this, most of us (blog designers) are SELF TAUGHT! Yep you read that right we are self taught. I have never taken a design class nor an HTML class at a college. Do I want to? YES, but with my job there is no possible way to do so. I have a friend, Tara, who got me started. She was redoing her blog and I loved it. I was in the digital scrapbooking world and I wanted to redo my blog so I started doing some research online on how to add certain things to my site and wa la, my blog design got started. I like to design and so I decided to start designing for CUSTOMERS. I never once took a class and never needed to. It really irks when there are designers out there who promote one self and their “clan” and act like they rule the world.

Here is my PSA for you, LOOK AT THE DESIGNER’S PORTFOLIO. If you like what you see then go with them, if you don’t like it then go searching for another designer. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

My friend and I are thinking of making our own badge called, We are Blog Designers and we are SELF TAUGHT!

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