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  1. Hi there- I am friend of Brooke Krauses.
    I have tried to spruce up my blog, but I can’t get the “techy” stuff figured out (blog buttons, ect!)
    So I entered B’s giveaway for your button prize, but to be honest, I could use a blog overhaul!
    I love the pics on my banner, the encompass all I blog about, but I would love them to be buttons that you click on my sidebar that take you to those posts with those lables (like dept freedom, brutal honesty, ect..) Since my name is Doll, I would love a pic of a doll house to take you to my project and craft blog.

    And for the banner I would like something with pictures like a doll, and an arrow pointing up- like spelling “all dolled up.” It looks really cute in my head, but I am crazy and it might not be cute in person.
    Is this something you would want to help with? How much might this cost me?
    Abbe Doll

  2. I originally created a wordpress blogging site called but just recently bought a domain and hosting for I’m completely clueless on how to setup my travel blog. I want to write about the places I have visited. I love your cool baby kid design page, especially the cute cartoon like pictures. As it currently stands, I uploaded a terrible template from some random website I found on google that I have no clue how to repair. Is there any way you can help me??? I need you!!

    lol thanks! Do you create banners and logos as well? Just let me know how this process works and whether you take credit card or paypal. Thank you sooo much!!

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