Parts of a Blog Part 1

I figured I should have done this a long time ago when I first started designing blogs and explain what the parts of the blog are.  Today I am only going to go over the main parts of a blog (blogger):  the body, header, outer-wrapper, main wrapper and the sidebar wrapper.

Here is a picture of the layout with colors so I can explain it.  You can click on the image below to get a larger image.

Let me explain the colors:

BODY – the body is where you will put your background image.

OUTER-WRAPPER -contains the main-wrapper and the sidebar wrapper(s).  You can change the WIDTH of your blog by changing the WIDTH of your outer-wrapper.

MAIN-WRAPPER – your posting area.

SIDEBAR-WRAPPER – your sidebars.  You can have more than one sidebar but they are all considered the sidebar-wrapper.

I hope this explained what the main parts of the blog are.  Each section can be customized with colors/borders and images.

Stay tuned for Parts of a blog part 2.


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  5. New from SITS! Your site is just what I need. I tweeked a blogger template and my margins are not quite right. Now I know which wrapper is which! Thanks!

    • You are welcome, I am glad you were able to figure it out. Come back next month when I break down more of the blog.

  6. Thanks for explaining this, I’m contemplating a blog redesign and this is very timely. I found you via SITS!

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