New Blogs

I thought I had updated my portfolio recently but I guess not.  I have been busy busy with work and designing.  So here are all the new blogs I have designed since October.  DEAR MERCY that is a long time.  Click on the image and it will take you to the blog so you can see the full design if the image is not clickable it is because the blog is private.


  1. I just came upon your site and became your newest followers. Your eye is outstanding and you are very talented – and generous with information to boot! Thank you for your helpful posts. I’d take any feedback you have for my blog and know this – as soon as my blog becomes something more than a tiny new space on the internet, I’ll be knocking on your door as a customer and not just a follower!


  2. Wow….i need to start a ‘blog makeover fund’! I love the blogs that you’ve done….i really like “Classy Career Girl” and “Goodies by Jen”!

    • Thank you Issy! I am hoping in the next week (I keep saying this but then I get busy) I will have some new packages up. Maybe it will be something you will find you like.

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