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I have to say this was probably one of the EASIEST sites I have designed in a long time. First of all, her sister in law purchased her a gift certificate for Christmas! What a great gift huh? Because of her sister in law, I will be adding this to my site soon!

Back to the design, Cara dabbles in food, fashion and crafts. She wanted to simplified her site and get it more organized! I think that is exactly what we did! She gave me blogs she liked and I went to town. There were NO changes from the original layout which is why it was one of the easiest to design!

There are a couple of things I like about this design and they are both in the post footer section. The first is the post divider & signature! With Cara adding so many pictures to her design I thought it would be a good idea to have only 1 image at the bottom so there were not 2 – 4 images in the post footer area so I combined the post divider & signature and I think it turned out great. The 2nd thing I love is the share & save button. I think the blogger save option is horrible and so unappealing so I made a custom one for Cara and it turned out great in my opinion.

Click on the header below to take you to her site:

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