Sharing Savings with You

Sharing Savings with You is my newest blog. I love the colors of this blog. I think they are so much fun. I think I need read some of my coupon blogs because they all save LOTS of money and I seem not to save anything. HA HA HA. Check out Sharing Savings with You to find some fantastic deals.

Spectacular Savings

Heather wanted a very simplistic header and blog and that is what I did. I bought the bags from istock and I colorized them to match the colors of her blog. I just love taking a blank canvas (the bags were white) and transformed them to match her blog and be able to use them in her signature. You can find her blog here.

Life Beyond the Hood

Life Beyond the Hood has a great concept. The concept behind it is this, “Let’s work together to improve the quality of life in our country’s neglected areas.” Sheri has not updated it recently but I know she is VERY busy with school and her life but I think the concept is fantastic. Check her blog out here.

La La Land

My latest creation was for Lauren at La La Land. I love the name of this blog. Doesn’t it make you think of faraway places? HA HA HA. If you want to check at La La Land just go here.

Saving U Cents

Can I say I LOVE THIS BLOG? I mean I love all of my blogs I do. I tried some new things with the design of this one and I think it turned out fantastic. Sometimes blogger can be a pain and it was on this one but after some trial and error I figured out EXACTLY what I wanted to do.

Check out Saving U Cents!!!

Portraits by Tamee

Tamee is a photographer out of Austin. She takes some great photos. Her blog reminds of spring. For her header which I absolutely love doing is a flash header (the images rotate). Check out some of her photos here.


Kim from Mission-Mommy was great to work worth. Her blog reminds of neopolitan ice cream. HA HA HA. I love the colors of dark brown, white and pink. I always said if I was going to have a guest bedroom this is the color I was going to make it.

Check out Mission-Mommy she has some GREAT giveaways.

Macaroni and Chicken Fingers

This blog was my very first to work with Istock images. I have to say I had a blast working with them. One thing about Istock images is you can customize the colors to match your blog which is fantastic and even though the image might be out there in the internet world yours is still unique. The are fantastic. Melissa and Karen (owners of Macaroni & Chicken Fingers) wrote a book called By the Book. I love reading their blog. They always have some sort of tidbit or Karen’s progress through Weight Watchers (brave woman).

Lucky Canuck

Lucky Canuck was another blog which was fun to do. Tania picked bright vivid colors. Check her blog out

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Antionette’s Designs

One of my original designs I ever did was for Antionette’s Designs. I love the colors and the layout of this blog. It was more of a scrap looking blog without over doing the scrap look. Check out the blog here.

Because More is More

Because More is More is a fantastic blog if you are looking for a place to save money. I mean nowadays who is not looking to save some money. Heather does a fantastic job finding great deals all around for us. Check her site out by visiting Because More is More.

The Inquisitive Mom – New Design

I had a special going on where you could buy one package and get the next package for the same price. So Mindy took advantage of it and got her blog redone. The Inquisitive Mom is a blogger design but I have to say I love what I did with her navigation (menu) bar. I added rollover images for it and it was the first time I ever did this and even though I could have pulled my hair out a couple of times, I love how it turned out.

20 to Life – Blog Makeover

Joe from 20 to Life Blog won a blog makeover from Megan over at Newly Wed, Newly Bred. She won the double’s package I just completed it. I absolutely LOVE the colors on this blog.