Cool Baby Kid

Cool Baby Kid is by far one of my favorite designs I have done in a long time. I absolutely love it. I am not sure if y’all have noticed but I love designing with the color Pink. LOVE IT! ha

I used the Blissful theme from StudioPress and did some tweaking to it. I actually created a new home page for it than what came with the theme. The owner of the site wanted a more uniformed look for her home page and be able to add the most current post of certain categories on the home page. I would have to say we accomplished it!

Tall Mom on the Run

Here is my latest design, Tall Mom on the Run. This was a trying design for me as there was so much that needed to be done. It was all self-inflicted though. I wanted to add a slider for Mel and I did, but nothing would move the way I wanted it to, so after working on it for quite sometime, I finally got it!

Here is the logo I made (you can also click on it to take you to the site.

Practical Parenting

Katie, from Practical Parenting is a repeat customer. She is using WordPress (which I love) and Prose from StudioPress. Katie wanted to change her colors and go more sophisticated than the colors we had chosen before. I LOVE THIS NEW DESIGN! I love the colors and the overall layout. Prose does not come with a custom home page so we created a new home page so it is not looking like a blog but more of a website with the newest posts being on the home page in the grid.

Check it out! Here is her NEW header.

**Something I wanted to mention, if you wanted to have a theme that you just wanted to change the colors and not have to get into the coding, then Prose from Genesis is the way to go! Super easy and easy to customize!

i dabble

I have to say this was probably one of the EASIEST sites I have designed in a long time. First of all, her sister in law purchased her a gift certificate for Christmas! What a great gift huh? Because of her sister in law, I will be adding this to my site soon!

Back to the design, Cara dabbles in food, fashion and crafts. She wanted to simplified her site and get it more organized! I think that is exactly what we did! She gave me blogs she liked and I went to town. There were NO changes from the original layout which is why it was one of the easiest to design!

There are a couple of things I like about this design and they are both in the post footer section. The first is the post divider & signature! With Cara adding so many pictures to her design I thought it would be a good idea to have only 1 image at the bottom so there were not 2 – 4 images in the post footer area so I combined the post divider & signature and I think it turned out great. The 2nd thing I love is the share & save button. I think the blogger save option is horrible and so unappealing so I made a custom one for Cara and it turned out great in my opinion.

Click on the header below to take you to her site:

The WEDucator

The WEDucator, is this not the most clever name! I love it. This is a WordPress design. Tia had an idea of what she wanted with her old blog but could not get it to work with her old theme. So I told her, I can do anything with StudioPress themes. Have I ever mentioned how AWESOME they are! They are fantastic. So what we did was take a FREE theme from StudioPress called Copyblogger (love this one) and I adapted it to have it the way she needed the home page. I have to say, I think it looks FANTASTIC. It is elegant, sophisticated and fun!

Check it out here!

Sweet Basil

Carrianne has some yummy recipes over at Sweet Basil! The first time I visited her site she has the most delicious Peanut Butter/Chocolate brownie or cookie. I was like, I have died and gone to heaven. HA

Check out her site!

Snippy Snappy

Well I am still running a little behind from being so sick this past week but I did manage to get a site installed after it being completed for almost a week. It is called Snippy Snappy and I just love it! She wanted something simple for the posting area and for the header but a background that matched a water bottle of hers and I think it turned out FANTASTIC if I do say so myself. I made the background myself and I was a little worried when I saw this pattern but it looks pretty good.

Still Living the Dream

Jennifer and I have been working on this site forever! She wanted to have a custom image for her header and NO ONE would email her back until Armation did. It looks AWESOME! I so wish I could be this talented when it comes to vector images. I think her design is super fun and represents her perfectly.

Check it out here (click on header image):

A Little of Everything

Courteney from A Little of Everything contacted me about a week ago about a makeover for her blogger design. I have to say doing a blogger design is so relaxing to me. I absolutely love these colors and the image from her design came from Mygrafico Vector & Cliparts. Aren’t they adorable?!?!

Here is her new design.

Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway

I did not design this site but I did transfer it for Latorsha. She got the transfer for free after using one of my affiliate links for BlueHost and then only paid $30 for the transfer of her design which Kate from over at 2711 Designs did.

Click on the header below to go to Latorsha’s site. Thanks Latorsha for allowing me to transfer your site! It was a pleasure working with you.

The Post Event

Timeesha over at the The Post Event wanted a blog design to go with her business blog but a little bit more subtle and I think that is what she got. One thing I added to her site which I LOVE LOVE LOVE is the multi-tabbed widget. It is a good way to UNCLUTTER your sidebars (not saying her sidebars are cluttered but another option to clean your sidebars up).

Click on the header below to go to her blog.


Brooklyn Active Mama

Here is my newest design. It is for Schnelle from Brooklyn Active Mama!

You can check it out by clicking on the header image below:

It Ain’t Always Pretty…

Here is another new site. I always get worried when a client wants a white background with a white posting area & sidebar area because I very rarely do these types of designs but I think this one turned out fantastic. Used 2 different colors (orange & blue) to keep it very simple.

Click on the header to take you to the site.

New Design

Anna is a repeat customer and she wanted to transfer her site from Blogger to WordPress. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE her new site. She really pushed me to add some new things to the design. She liked the Fabric theme but she also liked the tabbed widget from the News Theme from StudioPress so that is what she got, the Fabric design with the News Theme tabbed widget.

Another new site!!!

I have been running way behind but I finally am getting caught up (thank you work). Here is another site I just installed. I love how it turned out. The model image is from Istock but I just love how she looks like she is walking on a runway.

Like always click on the image to take you to Ria’s site Runway Couture!

2 More New sites

Here are 2 more sites I created. These have been really fun ones to do. Pink is one of my favorite colors to use and both of these have it. Check them out below. Click on the image to take you to their site.

3 New designs

Now that I am actually off work for a week or so, I am able to do a little bit more designing (YAY ME!). Here are some new designs I have done.


New Designs

Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Father’s Day with your family. I am finally able to post some new designs I did. I keep saying, keep looking out for some new freebies, they are COMING, I promise. I have been super busy with designs that I have not had a chance to get things up.

New Designs

I have 2 more new blogs I designed. Here are the sites. Remember, if the image is not clickable then the site is private.

New Blog Designs

Here are a couple of more blogs I have finished up. I love them all. Carrianne Photography is just like Show and Tell Photography layout wise. Carrianne sent me almost the exact same template as Show & Tell but with different colors, logo, and background. Even though they are the same layout they are different. I LOVE THIS LAYOUT. I am so glad I could take a WordPress blog and transfer it over to a blogger layout.

New Blogs

I thought I had updated my portfolio recently but I guess not.  I have been busy busy with work and designing.  So here are all the new blogs I have designed since October.  DEAR MERCY that is a long time.  Click on the image and it will take you to the blog so you can see the full design if the image is not clickable it is because the blog is private.

2 New Blogs & I am Back

I have 2 new blogs. You can check them out below. Click on the images below to take you to their blogs. Both of these blogs were fun to do. I just love being able to work with so many different people and give them something they enjoy using everyday.

I would also like to say I am back for now. I still have a busy work schedule which causes me a lot of stress at times but I also decided designing blogs RELAXES me and I need all the RELAXATION in my life as I can get.

3 New Blogs & a break

Hello all,

I have 3 new blogs I have designed. They were all unique and I loved every single one of them. I did finally get to do my very first WordPress Design (thanks Jenny). I loved it. Even though for me it takes a while to design a blog (sorry guys) I have to say I thought designing a WordPress blog would take a little longer but it did not. HOLLA!!! I also did 2 other blogs, one for Abbe at All Doll(ed) Up and one for Staci at Coupon Queen Diaries.  I tried something new over at Coupon Queen Diaries and I loved how it turned out.  I made rollover images on the header if I say so myself , I LOVE THEM!!!  I am ready to add some more unique stuff to my blogger blogs.  I also did All Doll(ed) Up and I loved this blog.  Abbe wanted something not too put together but put together and we came up with her design.  My favorite thing about her blog are her picture’s menu on her sidebars of her family members and other things she has conquered or is conquering in her life.  So check out the 3 new blogs.  You can click on the image to take you their blog.

One last thing, I am taking a break for the rest of September from designing blogs. If you are already in my queue then I will be finishing you up but for me and September, we just do not get along all that well with my hobby and my work schedule. I average about 55 hours a week with work and I really do not have the time (I wish I did) to design blogs the way I want too. I feel at times my creative juices do not flow because I am so exhausted. However, I will be designing some stuff and adding it to the blog so keep coming back. There are a lot of things I want to do just have not had the time to do so. Also, if you still want to take advantage of the 20% off discount you still can. Once I get back in October I will honor those people who have paid for their designs.

Budget Savvy Diva

Sara from Budget Savvy Diva is my newest design. We started off with one design then we ended up with the design she has now. I have to say I was a little worried about the colors but after putting it all together I love the colors she chose. I also tried something new on her blog which is the social media buttons on the header. It was something I had wanted to try for quite sometime and I am so glad I did. I love how they turned out.

You can find her blog here.

B in Real Life

B in Real Life is a fantastic blog. Brooke has such a great way to write. She is so funny. She writes about her daily life with her 2 daughters and her husband. She even raps at times. SO FUNNY!!! So go check her out here.


Top to Bottom Baby Boutique (TTBBB for short) is a blog all about cloth diapering. I have no children of my own so I had NO idea how big cloth diapering was. My idea of cloth diapering was a piece of cloth and 2 pins (you know like the old days). BOOOOOOOOOOOOY was I mistaken. The blog matches their store which you can find here and you can find the blog here.

Mrs Camera Happy

Mrs. Camera Happy, aka Victoria, wanted a fun blog. She is a photographer (a great one at that) and she wanted a place to show her work but also blog about her daily adventures. She chose an image from istockphoto and I recolorized, at no charge, to match her blog. I love the colors of this blog. Victoria, ordered a Single package which is 4 points and to me it was a perfect choice to keep it simple but get exactly what you want. If you would like to see her blog you can go here.