If you are waiting on a design from me, please be patient with me. I have been sick the past week and feel like crap plus I am super busy with my real life job. I am hoping to start knocking the queue out on Friday.


Changes coming

I am back all!!!  If you had not noticed my front page was STUCK.  Anything I did it would stay with the same information on it.  So annoying if you ask me and frustrating.  I am going to be adding a queue up shortly but I like I said in December I will be changing the way packages are being purchased.  I am almost done with it so I am hoping I will be able to get it up by the end of January.  I just need my work schedule to cooperate with me on this matter.  HA.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and stays warm.

Still Alive

Hello all,

I am STILL ALIVE. With trying to get ready for the holidays, finishing up last minute blogs and work I am worn out. I have quite a few blogs I have completed and want to show you all but once I get these next 2 blogs done I will update the portfolio. I think these are some of my favorites I have designed. So hold on and check back later this week.


About Me

My name is Angie and I am the owner of Strosgirl’s Designs. Strosgirl’s Designs started on a fluke. I was designing digital scrapbook kits and elements and I wanted to design my own blog. From what started as changing my blog layout every other week with a background image to totally redoing a blog is now Strosgirl’s Designs. It is a way to let my creative juices go. I love creating things I just wish I was good creating things for my condo as I am for mine or someone else’s blog. HA!!!

You may ask why Strosgirl’s Designs for a name? Well if you are not a baseball fan then you might not know. I grew up in Houston, Texas (now live in Kentucky) as a HUGE Houston Astros fan. I still am a fan of theirs still living in Kentucky. I am also a certified athletic trainer and I wanted something sports related, hence, the name of my blog packages: walk, single, double, triple, homerun.

I work some crazy hours while being an athletic trainer but it also allows me to spend more time designing blogs for you the customer. I design for blogger and wordpress. I love designing blogs because even though I am designing the blog it is 100% a representation of the owner of the blog. If I have to make 50 revisions to get exactly what you want then I will. You are the customer and the owner and you are the one who will have to use this blog on a daily basis.

If you have any questions on a blog design please do not hesitate to email me at angie[at]