New Designs

I have 2 more new blogs I designed. Here are the sites. Remember, if the image is not clickable then the site is private.


If you are waiting on a design, I am about to be busy designing. Both of the basketball teams where I work made it to playoffs it has been constant working every night. Well we finally lost out (BOO) so I will be working at night now to get caught up.

Blogger Issues

If you are waiting on a BLOGGER design they are delayed until Blogger figures out their issues. I cannot save anything when it comes to changing designs. It also has something to do with the JavaScript.

Please bare with Blogger.

I will keep trying to work with your designs but until they figure out what is going on it might be a little difficult to get something done right away.


If you are waiting on a design from me, please be patient with me. I have been sick the past week and feel like crap plus I am super busy with my real life job. I am hoping to start knocking the queue out on Friday.


New Blog Designs

Here are a couple of more blogs I have finished up. I love them all. Carrianne Photography is just like Show and Tell Photography layout wise. Carrianne sent me almost the exact same template as Show & Tell but with different colors, logo, and background. Even though they are the same layout they are different. I LOVE THIS LAYOUT. I am so glad I could take a WordPress blog and transfer it over to a blogger layout.

New Blogs

I thought I had updated my portfolio recently but I guess not.  I have been busy busy with work and designing.  So here are all the new blogs I have designed since October.  DEAR MERCY that is a long time.  Click on the image and it will take you to the blog so you can see the full design if the image is not clickable it is because the blog is private.

Changes coming

I am back all!!!  If you had not noticed my front page was STUCK.  Anything I did it would stay with the same information on it.  So annoying if you ask me and frustrating.  I am going to be adding a queue up shortly but I like I said in December I will be changing the way packages are being purchased.  I am almost done with it so I am hoping I will be able to get it up by the end of January.  I just need my work schedule to cooperate with me on this matter.  HA.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and stays warm.

Still Alive

Hello all,

I am STILL ALIVE. With trying to get ready for the holidays, finishing up last minute blogs and work I am worn out. I have quite a few blogs I have completed and want to show you all but once I get these next 2 blogs done I will update the portfolio. I think these are some of my favorites I have designed. So hold on and check back later this week.


Parts of a Blog Part 2

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this, between having the flu and other sickness I also had to make a trip to the ER  last week it had been a long November.  Quite glad it is December even though I am still way behind.  I have had a lot of people tell me they are not sure what everything is when it comes to picking out part of their blogs so here I am to explain some parts of the blog you may choose for your blog.

Lets start with the basics.  I think these 3 things are the basic.  If you wanted to not get one thing it would be the Post Divider because you can always make your own with the options in blogger.

Post Divider & Signature

Blog Button with grab box

Now for the add-ons:

Custom Font for Post Title, Date & Sidebar

Post Title Icon (also can add an icon next to your sidebar title)

Now for your navigation choices.

Header with Navigation (Menu) Bar with TEXT link ONLY

Header with Navigation (Menu) Bar with Image link

For your sidebar you have can have many options the main one I always get asked about is the sidebar title background so below you will see what it is.  It can be a simple pattern or a simple image like below (see the scalloped image on this?)  It is one image.

Sidebar Title Background

Now for your social media choices.  This can be confusing so I will try to explain it as best as possible.  See images below then below the 2 images I will explain which each one does.

Custom buttons for Twitter, Email, Facebook, and RSS

Social Bookmarking Buttons below your post

Custom buttons for Twitter, Email, Facebook, and RSS – This option is 4 buttons and I will link these 4 images to your Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed and your email account.  This allows people to contact you and/or find you on the web.  It is a great way to put all your contact information in one spot.

Social Bookmarking Buttons below your post – These little icons are very important for those who want to save your post and/or share it with the world.  If someone wants to tell their twitter followers they want them to read your post then all they do is hit the twitter button under your post and it will show up on their twitter.  Same thing with the other buttons.  It allows the person to share your post with their followers.

I will add more options for your blog in the upcoming weeks.  I am hoping before Christmas to post it.

If you to know what other parts of a blog are just let me know view posting a comment on here or sending me an email.

Parts of a Blog Part 1

I figured I should have done this a long time ago when I first started designing blogs and explain what the parts of the blog are.  Today I am only going to go over the main parts of a blog (blogger):  the body, header, outer-wrapper, main wrapper and the sidebar wrapper.

Here is a picture of the layout with colors so I can explain it.  You can click on the image below to get a larger image.

Let me explain the colors:

BODY – the body is where you will put your background image.

OUTER-WRAPPER -contains the main-wrapper and the sidebar wrapper(s).  You can change the WIDTH of your blog by changing the WIDTH of your outer-wrapper.

MAIN-WRAPPER – your posting area.

SIDEBAR-WRAPPER – your sidebars.  You can have more than one sidebar but they are all considered the sidebar-wrapper.

I hope this explained what the main parts of the blog are.  Each section can be customized with colors/borders and images.

Stay tuned for Parts of a blog part 2.

Adding a Grab Box

I found this really great website the other day and I thought I would share it with you. It is called Free 125 Cards. They have quite a few backgrounds you can use for a button for your blog or website. The only problem I found with the site if there is a problem is some of the backgrounds are a tad busy for a blog button but with this said I think for those who just want a button for their blog and not be too customized then this is a great site. So lets begin with the tutorial.

1. First go to Free 125 Cards.

2. Find an image you like and click on it.

3. Click on Personalize

4. A box will pop up. Add your text. I did realize you have to do each line of your text. For example, if I wanted to do Strosgirl’s Designs. I would first add Strosgirl’s and then click add text then I would type in Designs and then click add text.

5. You can make your text smaller by grabbing the little box (see below)

6. Once you are satisfied with the way your button looks, click on SAVE IMAGE.

7. Once you hit save image your button will appear on another page. You will get an image like this below.

Right click and save it somewhere to your computer.

8. You will need a photobucket account or a tinypic account or somewhere to host your files.

9. Once you have your image loaded to a hosting site you will want to get the direct link for your image.

10. Now for the fun part. You will want to add your button to your blog so others can grab it, right? Copy the code which is in the box below. Where it says PUT YOUR BLOG LINK, put the DIRECT LINK of your blog and where it says your IMAGE LINK put the direct link from your hosting account for the button.

I know people are wondering why I write tutorials on items I sell but I think not everyone can afford to pay for their designs and I want everyone to have a nice looking blog.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me here.

How to add a Favicon

You ask what is a favicon? A favicon (short for favorites icon) is a 16×16 or 32×32 pixel square icon associated with a particular website or webpage. Browsers that provide favicon support typically display a page’s favicon in the browser’s address bar and next to the page’s name in a list of bookmarks. If you look at the image below you will see exactly where the favicon is visible:

  1. First you need to make your icon. You can use MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop or any other graphics program you have.
  2. I think the best results you have are from squares. So draw a square and then add detail to it (a letter and/or image). Make sure there is not a lot of detail because this is going to be shrunk down to 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 pixels which is not very big.
  3. Save it to your computer.
  4. There are many sites out there which allow you to create your own but one of my favorites to give customers is this one: ICONJ.
  5. Load your favicon up to their site and click on SHARPEN +3
  6. Once you have uploaded your image you will get a page with this type of image on it:
  7. In another tab open up your blogger dashboard and click on design/edit HTML
  8. Click on ctrl + F to find this part of your code: < /head > (remove the spaces before and after the < >.
  9. Right BEFORE the < /head > paste the code in the box under this heading Host It at (Direct Link)

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions or you need help please do not hesitate to contact me.

2 New Blogs & I am Back

I have 2 new blogs. You can check them out below. Click on the images below to take you to their blogs. Both of these blogs were fun to do. I just love being able to work with so many different people and give them something they enjoy using everyday.

I would also like to say I am back for now. I still have a busy work schedule which causes me a lot of stress at times but I also decided designing blogs RELAXES me and I need all the RELAXATION in my life as I can get.

3 New Blogs & a break

Hello all,

I have 3 new blogs I have designed. They were all unique and I loved every single one of them. I did finally get to do my very first WordPress Design (thanks Jenny). I loved it. Even though for me it takes a while to design a blog (sorry guys) I have to say I thought designing a WordPress blog would take a little longer but it did not. HOLLA!!! I also did 2 other blogs, one for Abbe at All Doll(ed) Up and one for Staci at Coupon Queen Diaries.  I tried something new over at Coupon Queen Diaries and I loved how it turned out.  I made rollover images on the header if I say so myself , I LOVE THEM!!!  I am ready to add some more unique stuff to my blogger blogs.  I also did All Doll(ed) Up and I loved this blog.  Abbe wanted something not too put together but put together and we came up with her design.  My favorite thing about her blog are her picture’s menu on her sidebars of her family members and other things she has conquered or is conquering in her life.  So check out the 3 new blogs.  You can click on the image to take you their blog.

One last thing, I am taking a break for the rest of September from designing blogs. If you are already in my queue then I will be finishing you up but for me and September, we just do not get along all that well with my hobby and my work schedule. I average about 55 hours a week with work and I really do not have the time (I wish I did) to design blogs the way I want too. I feel at times my creative juices do not flow because I am so exhausted. However, I will be designing some stuff and adding it to the blog so keep coming back. There are a lot of things I want to do just have not had the time to do so. Also, if you still want to take advantage of the 20% off discount you still can. Once I get back in October I will honor those people who have paid for their designs.

Budget Savvy Diva

Sara from Budget Savvy Diva is my newest design. We started off with one design then we ended up with the design she has now. I have to say I was a little worried about the colors but after putting it all together I love the colors she chose. I also tried something new on her blog which is the social media buttons on the header. It was something I had wanted to try for quite sometime and I am so glad I did. I love how they turned out.

You can find her blog here.

B in Real Life

B in Real Life is a fantastic blog. Brooke has such a great way to write. She is so funny. She writes about her daily life with her 2 daughters and her husband. She even raps at times. SO FUNNY!!! So go check her out here.

Advertising Code

I have had quite a few people email on how to do advertising codes for their blog. So I decided to write a quick tutorial for you all.

Here is your mini tutorial with code:

1.  Go to your dashboard/design and add a new gadget.

2.  Add a HTML/JavaScript

3.  Paste the code below in your gadget box.

4. Where you see LINK HERE put the advertisers link there. Where you see the img src=”….” put the DIRECT LINK on where the image is being stored.

5. Hit save and your advertising section will be up and running on your blog.

If you have any questions you can always contact me here.


Top to Bottom Baby Boutique (TTBBB for short) is a blog all about cloth diapering. I have no children of my own so I had NO idea how big cloth diapering was. My idea of cloth diapering was a piece of cloth and 2 pins (you know like the old days). BOOOOOOOOOOOOY was I mistaken. The blog matches their store which you can find here and you can find the blog here.

Mrs Camera Happy

Mrs. Camera Happy, aka Victoria, wanted a fun blog. She is a photographer (a great one at that) and she wanted a place to show her work but also blog about her daily adventures. She chose an image from istockphoto and I recolorized, at no charge, to match her blog. I love the colors of this blog. Victoria, ordered a Single package which is 4 points and to me it was a perfect choice to keep it simple but get exactly what you want. If you would like to see her blog you can go here.

About Me

My name is Angie and I am the owner of Strosgirl’s Designs. Strosgirl’s Designs started on a fluke. I was designing digital scrapbook kits and elements and I wanted to design my own blog. From what started as changing my blog layout every other week with a background image to totally redoing a blog is now Strosgirl’s Designs. It is a way to let my creative juices go. I love creating things I just wish I was good creating things for my condo as I am for mine or someone else’s blog. HA!!!

You may ask why Strosgirl’s Designs for a name? Well if you are not a baseball fan then you might not know. I grew up in Houston, Texas (now live in Kentucky) as a HUGE Houston Astros fan. I still am a fan of theirs still living in Kentucky. I am also a certified athletic trainer and I wanted something sports related, hence, the name of my blog packages: walk, single, double, triple, homerun.

I work some crazy hours while being an athletic trainer but it also allows me to spend more time designing blogs for you the customer. I design for blogger and wordpress. I love designing blogs because even though I am designing the blog it is 100% a representation of the owner of the blog. If I have to make 50 revisions to get exactly what you want then I will. You are the customer and the owner and you are the one who will have to use this blog on a daily basis.

If you have any questions on a blog design please do not hesitate to email me at angie[at]

Sharing Savings with You

Sharing Savings with You is my newest blog. I love the colors of this blog. I think they are so much fun. I think I need read some of my coupon blogs because they all save LOTS of money and I seem not to save anything. HA HA HA. Check out Sharing Savings with You to find some fantastic deals.

Spectacular Savings

Heather wanted a very simplistic header and blog and that is what I did. I bought the bags from istock and I colorized them to match the colors of her blog. I just love taking a blank canvas (the bags were white) and transformed them to match her blog and be able to use them in her signature. You can find her blog here.

Life Beyond the Hood

Life Beyond the Hood has a great concept. The concept behind it is this, “Let’s work together to improve the quality of life in our country’s neglected areas.” Sheri has not updated it recently but I know she is VERY busy with school and her life but I think the concept is fantastic. Check her blog out here.

Granting full Access

For me to be able to install your blog, you as the blog owner will need to grant full access to your blog. It is a very simple process but with about 4 or 5 steps. If you follow the steps below you will have no problem granting someone with full access to your blog. Now please remember someone who has full access will be able to delete your blog so make sure you can trust the person. I think this is a much safer way of me installing your blog because you do not have give out your username and password.

1. Go to your dashboard and click on settings under your blog title.

2. Once you have clicked on the settings link on your dashboard you will see the image below. Click on PERMISSIONS.

3. After clicking on the permissions link you will see something close to the image below. Click on ADD AUTHORS and add the person’s email you want to add as an author.

To add me as your author please use this email: lambert9404[at]

4. The person you add as an author will receive an email telling them they need to approve to be an author to your blog.

5. Once the person has approved being an author you will see grant admin privileges next to their name. See image below:

La La Land

My latest creation was for Lauren at La La Land. I love the name of this blog. Doesn’t it make you think of faraway places? HA HA HA. If you want to check at La La Land just go here.

Saving U Cents

Can I say I LOVE THIS BLOG? I mean I love all of my blogs I do. I tried some new things with the design of this one and I think it turned out fantastic. Sometimes blogger can be a pain and it was on this one but after some trial and error I figured out EXACTLY what I wanted to do.

Check out Saving U Cents!!!

Portraits by Tamee

Tamee is a photographer out of Austin. She takes some great photos. Her blog reminds of spring. For her header which I absolutely love doing is a flash header (the images rotate). Check out some of her photos here.