3 New Blogs & a break

Hello all,

I have 3 new blogs I have designed. They were all unique and I loved every single one of them. I did finally get to do my very first WordPress Design (thanks Jenny). I loved it. Even though for me it takes a while to design a blog (sorry guys) I have to say I thought designing a WordPress blog would take a little longer but it did not. HOLLA!!! I also did 2 other blogs, one for Abbe at All Doll(ed) Up and one for Staci at Coupon Queen Diaries.  I tried something new over at Coupon Queen Diaries and I loved how it turned out.  I made rollover images on the header if I say so myself , I LOVE THEM!!!  I am ready to add some more unique stuff to my blogger blogs.  I also did All Doll(ed) Up and I loved this blog.  Abbe wanted something not too put together but put together and we came up with her design.  My favorite thing about her blog are her picture’s menu on her sidebars of her family members and other things she has conquered or is conquering in her life.  So check out the 3 new blogs.  You can click on the image to take you their blog.

One last thing, I am taking a break for the rest of September from designing blogs. If you are already in my queue then I will be finishing you up but for me and September, we just do not get along all that well with my hobby and my work schedule. I average about 55 hours a week with work and I really do not have the time (I wish I did) to design blogs the way I want too. I feel at times my creative juices do not flow because I am so exhausted. However, I will be designing some stuff and adding it to the blog so keep coming back. There are a lot of things I want to do just have not had the time to do so. Also, if you still want to take advantage of the 20% off discount you still can. Once I get back in October I will honor those people who have paid for their designs.


  1. i have gotten great response! thank you! you did awesome! I have a winner for my giveaway- Do I just giver her the website and give away info?

  2. Angie, you rock. Take a much deserved break & come back with your creative juices flowing. Enjoy your time off!!

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