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Cool Baby Kid

Cool Baby Kid is by far one of my favorite designs I have done in a long time. I absolutely love it. I am not sure if y’all have noticed but I love designing with the color Pink. LOVE IT! ha

I used the Blissful theme from StudioPress and did some tweaking to it. I actually created a new home page for it than what came with the theme. The owner of the site wanted a more uniformed look for her home page and be able to add the most current post of certain categories on the home page. I would have to say we accomplished it!

Tall Mom on the Run

Here is my latest design, Tall Mom on the Run. This was a trying design for me as there was so much that needed to be done. It was all self-inflicted though. I wanted to add a slider for Mel and I did, but nothing would move the way I wanted it to, so after working on it for quite sometime, I finally got it!

Here is the logo I made (you can also click on it to take you to the site.

Practical Parenting

Katie, from Practical Parenting is a repeat customer. She is using WordPress (which I love) and Prose from StudioPress. Katie wanted to change her colors and go more sophisticated than the colors we had chosen before. I LOVE THIS NEW DESIGN! I love the colors and the overall layout. Prose does not come with a custom home page so we created a new home page so it is not looking like a blog but more of a website with the newest posts being on the home page in the grid.

Check it out! Here is her NEW header.

**Something I wanted to mention, if you wanted to have a theme that you just wanted to change the colors and not have to get into the coding, then Prose from Genesis is the way to go! Super easy and easy to customize!

i dabble

I have to say this was probably one of the EASIEST sites I have designed in a long time. First of all, her sister in law purchased her a gift certificate for Christmas! What a great gift huh? Because of her sister in law, I will be adding this to my site soon!

Back to the design, Cara dabbles in food, fashion and crafts. She wanted to simplified her site and get it more organized! I think that is exactly what we did! She gave me blogs she liked and I went to town. There were NO changes from the original layout which is why it was one of the easiest to design!

There are a couple of things I like about this design and they are both in the post footer section. The first is the post divider & signature! With Cara adding so many pictures to her design I thought it would be a good idea to have only 1 image at the bottom so there were not 2 – 4 images in the post footer area so I combined the post divider & signature and I think it turned out great. The 2nd thing I love is the share & save button. I think the blogger save option is horrible and so unappealing so I made a custom one for Cara and it turned out great in my opinion.

Click on the header below to take you to her site:

The WEDucator

The WEDucator, is this not the most clever name! I love it. This is a WordPress design. Tia had an idea of what she wanted with her old blog but could not get it to work with her old theme. So I told her, I can do anything with StudioPress themes. Have I ever mentioned how AWESOME they are! They are fantastic. So what we did was take a FREE theme from StudioPress called Copyblogger (love this one) and I adapted it to have it the way she needed the home page. I have to say, I think it looks FANTASTIC. It is elegant, sophisticated and fun!

Check it out here!

Sweet Basil

Carrianne has some yummy recipes over at Sweet Basil! The first time I visited her site she has the most delicious Peanut Butter/Chocolate brownie or cookie. I was like, I have died and gone to heaven. HA

Check out her site!

Featured Post Widget

Here is the video tutorial on how to set up your featured post widget Featured Post Tutorial.