Archives for August 2011

It Ain’t Always Pretty…

Here is another new site. I always get worried when a client wants a white background with a white posting area & sidebar area because I very rarely do these types of designs but I think this one turned out fantastic. Used 2 different colors (orange & blue) to keep it very simple.

Click on the header to take you to the site.

New Design

Anna is a repeat customer and she wanted to transfer her site from Blogger to WordPress. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE her new site. She really pushed me to add some new things to the design. She liked the Fabric theme but she also liked the tabbed widget from the News Theme from StudioPress so that is what she got, the Fabric design with the News Theme tabbed widget.

Another new site!!!

I have been running way behind but I finally am getting caught up (thank you work). Here is another site I just installed. I love how it turned out. The model image is from Istock but I just love how she looks like she is walking on a runway.

Like always click on the image to take you to Ria’s site Runway Couture!

2 More New sites

Here are 2 more sites I created. These have been really fun ones to do. Pink is one of my favorite colors to use and both of these have it. Check them out below. Click on the image to take you to their site.