Archives for February 2011

Blogger Issues

If you are waiting on a BLOGGER design they are delayed until Blogger figures out their issues. I cannot save anything when it comes to changing designs. It also has something to do with the JavaScript.

Please bare with Blogger.

I will keep trying to work with your designs but until they figure out what is going on it might be a little difficult to get something done right away.


If you are waiting on a design from me, please be patient with me. I have been sick the past week and feel like crap plus I am super busy with my real life job. I am hoping to start knocking the queue out on Friday.


New Blog Designs

Here are a couple of more blogs I have finished up. I love them all. Carrianne Photography is just like Show and Tell Photography layout wise. Carrianne sent me almost the exact same template as Show & Tell but with different colors, logo, and background. Even though they are the same layout they are different. I LOVE THIS LAYOUT. I am so glad I could take a WordPress blog and transfer it over to a blogger layout.