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Snippy Snappy

Well I am still running a little behind from being so sick this past week but I did manage to get a site installed after it being completed for almost a week. It is called Snippy Snappy and I just love it! She wanted something simple for the posting area and for the header but a background that matched a water bottle of hers and I think it turned out FANTASTIC if I do say so myself. I made the background myself and I was a little worried when I saw this pattern but it looks pretty good.

Still Living the Dream

Jennifer and I have been working on this site forever! She wanted to have a custom image for her header and NO ONE would email her back until Armation did. It looks AWESOME! I so wish I could be this talented when it comes to vector images. I think her design is super fun and represents her perfectly.

Check it out here (click on header image):

A Little of Everything

Courteney from A Little of Everything contacted me about a week ago about a makeover for her blogger design. I have to say doing a blogger design is so relaxing to me. I absolutely love these colors and the image from her design came from Mygrafico Vector & Cliparts. Aren’t they adorable?!?!

Here is her new design.

Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway

I did not design this site but I did transfer it for Latorsha. She got the transfer for free after using one of my affiliate links for BlueHost and then only paid $30 for the transfer of her design which Kate from over at 2711 Designs did.

Click on the header below to go to Latorsha’s site. Thanks Latorsha for allowing me to transfer your site! It was a pleasure working with you.

The Post Event

Timeesha over at the The Post Event wanted a blog design to go with her business blog but a little bit more subtle and I think that is what she got. One thing I added to her site which I LOVE LOVE LOVE is the multi-tabbed widget. It is a good way to UNCLUTTER your sidebars (not saying her sidebars are cluttered but another option to clean your sidebars up).

Click on the header below to go to her blog.


Multi Tabbed Widget Tutorial

Here is my very 1st video tutorial and it is not the greatest but I am working on it. It is to explain how to add and remove gadgets from the multi-tabbed widget in blogger.

Check it out:

Brooklyn Active Mama

Here is my newest design. It is for Schnelle from Brooklyn Active Mama!

You can check it out by clicking on the header image below:

It Ain’t Always Pretty…

Here is another new site. I always get worried when a client wants a white background with a white posting area & sidebar area because I very rarely do these types of designs but I think this one turned out fantastic. Used 2 different colors (orange & blue) to keep it very simple.

Click on the header to take you to the site.

New Design

Anna is a repeat customer and she wanted to transfer her site from Blogger to WordPress. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE her new site. She really pushed me to add some new things to the design. She liked the Fabric theme but she also liked the tabbed widget from the News Theme from StudioPress so that is what she got, the Fabric design with the News Theme tabbed widget.

Another new site!!!

I have been running way behind but I finally am getting caught up (thank you work). Here is another site I just installed. I love how it turned out. The model image is from Istock but I just love how she looks like she is walking on a runway.

Like always click on the image to take you to Ria’s site Runway Couture!

2 More New sites

Here are 2 more sites I created. These have been really fun ones to do. Pink is one of my favorite colors to use and both of these have it. Check them out below. Click on the image to take you to their site.

Favorite Site

Hello all,

I belong to a group on Facebook for blog designers and we share links all the time and I have to say this link is my all TIME FAVORITE!!! You will think so too I think.

If you like looking around for some sweet looking social icons then this is for you. I could sit down all day and look around but sometimes I have to work.

So here is the site, you can check it out here.

3 New designs

Now that I am actually off work for a week or so, I am able to do a little bit more designing (YAY ME!). Here are some new designs I have done.


New Designs

Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Father’s Day with your family. I am finally able to post some new designs I did. I keep saying, keep looking out for some new freebies, they are COMING, I promise. I have been super busy with designs that I have not had a chance to get things up.

I am back!

Hello all,

I am finally back! THANK YOU LORD!!! I had a major meltdown with my old laptop. I have a fantastic one and I love. It is a big thing so I am getting use to having a 17″ monitor.

I will be updating lots of things shortly. Work has calmed down a bit so it is time for me to be able to get caught up on the blogs I missed. I am going to be adding some freebie backgrounds and whole designs. I have some great clip art I purchased that I want to use instead of sitting on my external hard drive. So check back in a couple of weeks to find the freebies.


If you…

Hello all,

If you filled out a questionnaire for a blog design, please fill it out again. There was something wrong with my email address on the form.


Rant, sort of, plus a PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Hello all,
I want to let you all know that in about 2 weeks I will be back to 100%. My computer decided to crash and burn on me and I have one on order and it is suppose to be here on 5/31 (this can not come soon enough!).

So for my PSA!

This has been irking me for quite some time and to be honest some people are blinded by the light of some designers out there. Let me say say this, most of us (blog designers) are SELF TAUGHT! Yep you read that right we are self taught. I have never taken a design class nor an HTML class at a college. Do I want to? YES, but with my job there is no possible way to do so. I have a friend, Tara, who got me started. She was redoing her blog and I loved it. I was in the digital scrapbooking world and I wanted to redo my blog so I started doing some research online on how to add certain things to my site and wa la, my blog design got started. I like to design and so I decided to start designing for CUSTOMERS. I never once took a class and never needed to. It really irks when there are designers out there who promote one self and their “clan” and act like they rule the world.

Here is my PSA for you, LOOK AT THE DESIGNER’S PORTFOLIO. If you like what you see then go with them, if you don’t like it then go searching for another designer. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

My friend and I are thinking of making our own badge called, We are Blog Designers and we are SELF TAUGHT!


If you are waiting on a design from me please hold on. My computer somehow got a virus from somewhere and it is in the shop


New Designs

I have 2 more new blogs I designed. Here are the sites. Remember, if the image is not clickable then the site is private.


If you are waiting on a design, I am about to be busy designing. Both of the basketball teams where I work made it to playoffs it has been constant working every night. Well we finally lost out (BOO) so I will be working at night now to get caught up.

Blogger Issues

If you are waiting on a BLOGGER design they are delayed until Blogger figures out their issues. I cannot save anything when it comes to changing designs. It also has something to do with the JavaScript.

Please bare with Blogger.

I will keep trying to work with your designs but until they figure out what is going on it might be a little difficult to get something done right away.


If you are waiting on a design from me, please be patient with me. I have been sick the past week and feel like crap plus I am super busy with my real life job. I am hoping to start knocking the queue out on Friday.


New Blog Designs

Here are a couple of more blogs I have finished up. I love them all. Carrianne Photography is just like Show and Tell Photography layout wise. Carrianne sent me almost the exact same template as Show & Tell but with different colors, logo, and background. Even though they are the same layout they are different. I LOVE THIS LAYOUT. I am so glad I could take a WordPress blog and transfer it over to a blogger layout.

New Blogs

I thought I had updated my portfolio recently but I guess not.  I have been busy busy with work and designing.  So here are all the new blogs I have designed since October.  DEAR MERCY that is a long time.  Click on the image and it will take you to the blog so you can see the full design if the image is not clickable it is because the blog is private.

Changes coming

I am back all!!!  If you had not noticed my front page was STUCK.  Anything I did it would stay with the same information on it.  So annoying if you ask me and frustrating.  I am going to be adding a queue up shortly but I like I said in December I will be changing the way packages are being purchased.  I am almost done with it so I am hoping I will be able to get it up by the end of January.  I just need my work schedule to cooperate with me on this matter.  HA.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and stays warm.

Still Alive

Hello all,

I am STILL ALIVE. With trying to get ready for the holidays, finishing up last minute blogs and work I am worn out. I have quite a few blogs I have completed and want to show you all but once I get these next 2 blogs done I will update the portfolio. I think these are some of my favorites I have designed. So hold on and check back later this week.