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Parts of a Blog Part 2

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this, between having the flu and other sickness I also had to make a trip to the ER  last week it had been a long November.  Quite glad it is December even though I am still way behind.  I have had a lot of people tell me they are not sure what everything is when it comes to picking out part of their blogs so here I am to explain some parts of the blog you may choose for your blog.

Lets start with the basics.  I think these 3 things are the basic.  If you wanted to not get one thing it would be the Post Divider because you can always make your own with the options in blogger.

Post Divider & Signature

Blog Button with grab box

Now for the add-ons:

Custom Font for Post Title, Date & Sidebar

Post Title Icon (also can add an icon next to your sidebar title)

Now for your navigation choices.

Header with Navigation (Menu) Bar with TEXT link ONLY

Header with Navigation (Menu) Bar with Image link

For your sidebar you have can have many options the main one I always get asked about is the sidebar title background so below you will see what it is.  It can be a simple pattern or a simple image like below (see the scalloped image on this?)  It is one image.

Sidebar Title Background

Now for your social media choices.  This can be confusing so I will try to explain it as best as possible.  See images below then below the 2 images I will explain which each one does.

Custom buttons for Twitter, Email, Facebook, and RSS

Social Bookmarking Buttons below your post

Custom buttons for Twitter, Email, Facebook, and RSS – This option is 4 buttons and I will link these 4 images to your Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed and your email account.  This allows people to contact you and/or find you on the web.  It is a great way to put all your contact information in one spot.

Social Bookmarking Buttons below your post – These little icons are very important for those who want to save your post and/or share it with the world.  If someone wants to tell their twitter followers they want them to read your post then all they do is hit the twitter button under your post and it will show up on their twitter.  Same thing with the other buttons.  It allows the person to share your post with their followers.

I will add more options for your blog in the upcoming weeks.  I am hoping before Christmas to post it.

If you to know what other parts of a blog are just let me know view posting a comment on here or sending me an email.