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Top to Bottom Baby Boutique (TTBBB for short) is a blog all about cloth diapering. I have no children of my own so I had NO idea how big cloth diapering was. My idea of cloth diapering was a piece of cloth and 2 pins (you know like the old days). BOOOOOOOOOOOOY was I mistaken. The blog matches their store which you can find here and you can find the blog here.

Mrs Camera Happy

Mrs. Camera Happy, aka Victoria, wanted a fun blog. She is a photographer (a great one at that) and she wanted a place to show her work but also blog about her daily adventures. She chose an image from istockphoto and I recolorized, at no charge, to match her blog. I love the colors of this blog. Victoria, ordered a Single package which is 4 points and to me it was a perfect choice to keep it simple but get exactly what you want. If you would like to see her blog you can go here.

About Me

My name is Angie and I am the owner of Strosgirl’s Designs. Strosgirl’s Designs started on a fluke. I was designing digital scrapbook kits and elements and I wanted to design my own blog. From what started as changing my blog layout every other week with a background image to totally redoing a blog is now Strosgirl’s Designs. It is a way to let my creative juices go. I love creating things I just wish I was good creating things for my condo as I am for mine or someone else’s blog. HA!!!

You may ask why Strosgirl’s Designs for a name? Well if you are not a baseball fan then you might not know. I grew up in Houston, Texas (now live in Kentucky) as a HUGE Houston Astros fan. I still am a fan of theirs still living in Kentucky. I am also a certified athletic trainer and I wanted something sports related, hence, the name of my blog packages: walk, single, double, triple, homerun.

I work some crazy hours while being an athletic trainer but it also allows me to spend more time designing blogs for you the customer. I design for blogger and wordpress. I love designing blogs because even though I am designing the blog it is 100% a representation of the owner of the blog. If I have to make 50 revisions to get exactly what you want then I will. You are the customer and the owner and you are the one who will have to use this blog on a daily basis.

If you have any questions on a blog design please do not hesitate to email me at angie[at]